The first adventure

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RelkinRassendyll was aft, so it was up to Arfles and Killendel to go to the keep of dark dreams

In Character

Decima Atella has sent our party on a quest to recover magic flowers for the upcoming festival. Marcus went looking for a healer, and decima rallied Garron and Cecil and sent them ahead. After a nice walk the party encountered a group of worker ants that quickly attacked the party and was just as quickly dispatched, the party took a bite wound, but spent some time cleaning and preparing the carapaces to return back to the town of Adair. Continuing onward they pressed through the verdant plains until they came to a dark and brooding forest. They traveled through the forest for two hours before being ambushed by a small pack of wolves. Swiftly obliterating the wolves they took their time in an attempt to drain their blood and skinning the pelts. But unfortunately a wandering Ettin surprised them and took their kills as the party ran away in terror. Running away they lost the monster and still managed to head towards the ruined frt. They encountered it late in the day, but as they came closer to the fort an ominous feeling began to descend around them in the forest. Soon the entire forest was deserted and as the party journeyed through the desolate land they began to notice that it had emptied of all life. But as the feeling began to press all around they caught sight of the fort. It was massive structure that loomed over the surrounding area, built on a hill it has huge formidable walls and several ancient rotting catapults and crossbows to attend to its ancient military might.

The Fort

Stealthily entering the fort hey went from room to room until they came to a large chamber just outside of the central hall. They peered into the room and noticing strange movement they charged forward and attacked, Garron attacked slicing deeply into the shoulder of a strange statute. The statue, magically animated ignoring the sword struck deeply into its shoulder began to clean Garron’s Blade, then after that it began to clean the parties gear. Seeing that it ignored the shoulder wound and did nothing hostile the party wearily moved forward, ignoring the statues, they moved from room to room, noticing that each room was dirty but was quickly cleaned and polished once the statues moved into it. Then upon searching they found stairs that descended into the sleeping quarters for the keeps defenders, but upon entering they noticed a strange pulsating darkness that seemed to extrude malevolence and hate, the group quickly backed away and closed the door as the darkness seemed to head towards them slowly engulfing the room.
The group retreated up the stairs the, the pale lavender mage lights slowly winking on as they walked back up the steps. Taking the central hallway led to a massive door, designed to be a redoubt in case the keep was overrun. The door, easily two feet thick withstood every tactic they used to open it. Stubbornly remaining closed, however after some careful thought Garron realized that the door is meant to be opened up and down not left or right or even to be pushed open. So straining their muscles to the limit they managed to lift the door high enough for the pulleys and ropes on the other side to open the door the rest of the way. Walking cautiously they entered the main hall.

The Main Hall

The main hall’s magic lights winked on illuminating a large chamber easily over a hundred feet long. With half a dozen hallways connecting to it this is easily the main heart for the old keep. As the party approached one of the many curious stone tables, one of the doors to the right opened and out marched more statues. Two headed out of a door in the north, while began to set plates and cutlery and still two more began to clean the walls and tables. Talking quietly the group walks down the length of the room looking around and admiring the ancient craftsmanship. Then after ten minutes the two statues began to bring out delicious smelling tray filled with a strange food. It looked like a bowl of gray soup, with a gray loaf of bread next to it. As the trays were set down the group sat and debated who would be the first to sample this hopefully edible food.

The first adventure

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